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Multifactor Authentication    

Multifactor Authentication:

Marblehead Bank takes your online security very seriously. Our authentication solution is designed to reduce the risk of fraud by confirming your identity when accessing Internet Banking using a user ID plus two additional components or factors. Specifically, this solution includes the following components:

  • Complex Device Profiling. During login, extensive details about your device and network are gathered and evaluated for consistency with your typical behavior and any indication that fraud may be involved in the login. The result of this evaluation can be used to determine the next step in the login process for you. "Device" encompasses computers, tablets, and smartphones you are using to access Internet Banking from a browser and not from a downloadable app.
  • Out-of-Band authentication. You verify your identity through the use of a one-time security code that is provided outside the online channel through either an automated voice call or a text message. Because you are asked to confirm your identity outside of your Internet Banking session (“out of band”) there is less of a chance it can be compromised by malware that may exist on your device.
  • Out-of-Wallet questions. Allows you to authenticate using a four question, multiple choice quiz that is dynamically created from over 50 sources of public record data. You must pass the quiz to proceed. This option is not offered if you do not have a Social Security Number on record, such as business users.

Password requirements. Marblehead Bank's Internet Banking uses strong password controls that require you to use a combination of special characters, letters, and/or numbers.

  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Passwords cannot be the same as the associated user ID or be one of 16 previously used passwords.

Last sign on date and sign on attempts. Our Internet Banking landing page shows you the last day and time you signed on. You should confirm this each time you sign on. You are allowed three unsuccessful sign on attempts before your account is locked and access is prevented.

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